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Cashmere Care Guide

Whether it's cashmere, baby cashmere, angora, or merino, these delicate fabrics need extra care to retain their beauty.

Our special cashmere is made specifically for delicate wool fibers and is designed to keep colors vibrant. It contains lipid-replenishing ingredients to maintain softness and fluffiness. The completely biodegradable Hartlino cashmere care is like a spa treatment for your finest cashmere, and it's free of softeners. This helps woolen items keep their original shape and prevents them from stretching.

Regular detergents, both colored and normal, have enzymes that can damage the molecules of wool fibers, leading to holes in the garment after multiple washes.

We highly recommend washing your cashmere product in the machine with a wool program, as it enhances the garment's overall quality. Wash it after wearing your garment a few times or whenever excess fuzz becomes noticeable, repeating this process as necessary. Always follow our provided washing instructions for optimal care.

Our detergent features a light signature fragrance that embodies pure freshness. 



Wash with cold or lukewarm water soaking for 10-15 minutes, then gently squeeze but do not rub or wring. After washing put the garments on a towel in their shape and roll up the towel. Unroll after approx. half an hour and dry flat.

Dosage: 1 capful (10ml) for 5 l of water.

Machine wash:

With our special washing detergent, you can safely wash your cashmere in a washing machine. Choose a wool program and make sure that you do not wash it in water that is warmer than 30 degrees and do not centrifuge the garment. Use the Hartlino Cashmere detergent and do not use fabric softener.

Dosage: 2 capfuls (20ml)

Stains: dab a few drops onto items prior to the washing process. Wait for 10 minutes, then wash.

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2. DRY

Always flat-dry your cashmere garment after washing. The easiest way to flat dry it is to lay it on a flat surface with a towel underneath. Make sure that you do not stretch the sweater. Remember to never tumble dry or hang dry your cashmere garments.

Do not expose to heating or sun. During the drying period fluff up occasionally.


It is perfectly fine to iron your cashmere garments. Just make sure to have the right temperature (max 150 °) when ironing. However, we recommend using a steamer for all cashmere garments.


Do not hang your cashmere garments up for storage. Fold them and store them in a drawer or a storage box. 


Pilling is a natural occurrence, commonly observed in areas exposed to friction. Easily eliminate pills using a wool comb or by gently pulling them off by hand. After washing and wearing the sweater a few times, pilling typically diminishes.