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Our Production Values

Hartlino specializes in crafting high-end fashion using the world's most precious and rare raw materials. Our design process begins in Norway, where we carefully design our products before they come to life in our longstanding family-owned factories with a rich heritage passed down through generations. At Hartlino, we blend cutting-edge techniques with a deep commitment to maintaining the natural essence of each raw material. This ensures that we achieve the highest level of performance from our materials, resulting in products that epitomize true luxury.

Sustainably sourced Royal Cashmere

Our Royal cashmere is carefully spun from selected premium quality raw material sourced from the Alashan area in the western part of Mongolia home to the world's finest cashmere. The result is a truly luxurious yarn with an average micron of 15.2-15.8µm.

The Yarn

We have always placed great importance and emphasis on being ethical and socially responsible, with a true commitment to environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainability. We belive in total transparency from the provenance of raw fibre through the whole production process, always meeting very strict eco guidelines. We are constantly looking for ways to improve sourcing and methods of production to reduce impact on the environment around us, ultimately creating a more sustainable future. Our partnership with suppliers and dedication to new manufacturing techniques have given us a wide range of certifications to reassure you of unrivaled quality control and belief in sustainable initiatives.

The Silk

Spun from one of the oldest silkweaving mills in Como, a company famous throughout the world as synonymous with luxury, elegance and quality of its fabrics. Because they dye in small batches, specifically silk skeins, they are able to have precise control of the desired color. Every dye lot is meticulously inspected and cataloged. After the skeins are dyed they are transferred to cones and are aligned on a machine that will create the warp. The classic shuttle looms allows to recreate archival fabrics originally developed by the founder over a hundred and thirty years ago. When the fabrics has passed a visual and chemical inspection, they do not require any additional treatments, except for a simple dry cleaning.

The Leather

Quality Control

Our suppliers productive approach has always been attentive and sensitive to changes. Respect for the environment and safety at the workplace are the elements that characterise the company’s work ethic.

In addition to a laboratory for controlling the quality of its products, they have a research center for the development of new products and the optimization of tanning techniques.

The Research and Development Department is a centre of excellence. The department is composed of 2 laboratories:
CHEMICAL LABORATORY (control of supplies)
PHISICAL-MECHANICAL LABORATORY (control of the requirements)

The articles are created thanks to original formulas and processes studied and implemented in order to obtain higher product performances in compliance with actual ecosustainability. Thanks to this approach they obtained important results such as:• ISO 14001 certification (environmental management)• MADE IN ITALY certification in compliance with UNI 16484 Standard• OHSAS 18001 certification (safety at workplace management)The laboratory operates in an environment with constant and controlled humidity and temperature conditions (23°C – 50% HR). The instruments and equipment are checked every year by the CTC of Lyon.Our supplier has equipped itself with an automated system for the dosing of chemical products, which considerably reduces execution times and error possibility.

In addition, the system allows reducing waste of chemicals during the process, with consequent environmental benefit.

Lastly, worker’s health protection by drastically reducing the presence of dusts in the work environment.

They are one of the first Italian tanneries to have understood the benefits of the industrial revolution 4.0. Machine automation has allowed monitoring and standardising production processes.

DRUM RECIPES REVIEW• – 35% water use reduction in 3 years
• Reduction of energy use per m2
• Efficiency of plants and production processes

AUTOMATIC DOSING OF CHEMICAL PRODUCTS• Reduction of the amount of dust in the work environment
• Less use of chemicals
• Metal free tanning (PIUMA line)

CIRCULAR ECONOMY• Recovery of production waste within the production cycle (new process evolo®)

As evidence of the great attention paid to environmental impact issues and the commitment to continuous improvement of business processes, our supplier has equipped itself exclusively with electric forklifts for the movement of goods within the whole company.